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The Ultimate Premium Coaching Experience…

Improve Your Parenting Skills and more

For Expecting, New And Experienced Parents Who Want To Have The Answers And Feel More Than Just Comfortable

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Imagine Having The Expertise Of A Pediatrician/Pediatric Emergency Physician, An Experienced Dad, An Experienced Mom Who Is Not Only A Professional Organizer But A Certified Parent Coach All In One Place To Guide You Through Parenting And Answer Those Tough Questions

Challenging times call for an innovative, proven solution

There has never been a more challenging time to be a parent. But by launching a parenting partnership with the Center For Parent Coaching you can be a parent stress free. With Dr. Haines, Azure Sullivan and their team, you can be that savvy parent that can relax while knowing as a parent you are providing the best care and parenting for your family.

  • Parenting stress
  • Anxiousness that you might be doing something wrong
  • Middle of the night calls to the pediatrician
  • Frantic google searches
  • Calls to a grandparent
  • Hours of worrying

We provide the support for new parents, experienced parents or anyone that is responsible for a child to take their success as a parent to a new level.

Why Parent Coaching??

Are You A New Parent? Experienced Parent? Have A New Baby?


  • Feel like you were thrown in uncharted waters with a new baby
  • Did your child come with an instruction manual?
  • Not sure where to turn
  • Google search not cutting it
  • Worry about your baby/child
  • Pediatrician not giving you all of the information

Why “Wing It” With The Most Precious Part Of Your Life Like Most Other Parents?

Why trust the outcome to chance?

Get your most important and critical questions answered without the hassle
Navigate the challenges of parenting as well as health for your family seamlessly

Expertise with

  • All ages
  • Newborns
  • Toddlers
  • Grade school kids
  • Adolescents

Interested in learning more about the Center For Advanced Parent Coaching?
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When You Join Our Parent Coaching Family Your World Changes In A Positive Way…Forever

Partnership With The Center For Advanced Parent Coaching

Starting right from day one, you will work closely and 1:1 with both Dr. Haines and Azure Sullivan. This is a true parenting partnership in every sense of the word where you get medical, parenting and organizational expertise all in one place. This partnership can be with one, both parents or be tailored to the situation. We believe in flexibility and inclusion to deliver a partnership that exceeds all of your needs and expectations.

We start with an initial 1 hour partnership on-boarding call and need assessment that lets us begin to develop a relationship with you while understanding your unique needs as a parent.

Moving forwards, depending on the level that you choose, you will meet weekly or bi-weekly with the team to ensure momentum builds and you are succeeding as a parent and your family is thriving.

Imagine the infinite benefits of having Direct Access to the expertise of the Center For Advanced Parenting Team with the end goal of you having stress free health conscious parenting without all of the hassle.

And what is even better is the partnership can be tailored to you. The Center For Advanced Parenting will work with you to design what is best for you and your children.

Our partnerships can last a lifetime.

Our Parenting and Partnership Philosophy

Here are just some of the benefits of a Parenting Partnership…

Innovative access to a team that caringly delivers medical, parenting and organizational expertise to you immediately without the stress.

Hands On Support

Dr. Christopher Haines

  • Pediatrician/Pediatric Emergency Physician
  • Dad
  • Bachelor of science
  • Medical degree with board certification in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Master of business administration
  • 20 + years of caring for children with illness and injury
  • Extensively published peer-reviewed articles/book chapters/Author
  • Recognition as local, regional, and national pediatric leader
  • Passionate about improving healthcare and sharing his knowledge/expertise to improve the lives of children and families

Azure Sullivan, MS

  • Founder, Blue Emerald Wellness
  • Mom
  • Bachelor/Master of Science
  • Certified Parent Coach
  • Extensive experience quality oversight, innovative development of various written products/tools, and project management delivery/supervision
  • Professional Organizer
  • Passionate about making the lives of others better
  • Utilizes extensive industry and life experience to innovate and provide a unique but simple approach to childcare and the health of kids

    Interested in learning more about the Center For Advanced Parent Coaching?
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