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Kids Health Basics Overview

Online and self-paced courses with learning assessments
Time To Complete – 6-10 hours

  • Make parenting easier
  • Healthier life balance for your family
  • Mom & doctor tested tips
  • Quick & easy access

Perfect for first-time moms and dads, grandparents, or anyone responsible for the care of a child

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Kids Health Basics Courses

Avoiding Child Care Potholes
  • Successfully And Smoothly Choosing A Caregiver; Babysitters, Daycare, Nannies
  • The Impacts of Childcare On Your Child’s Health


Navigating The Healthcare System
  • The Current State Of Pediatric Healthcare
  • Navigating The Healthcare System For Your Child
  • How To Choose The Right Pediatrician
  • Being Your Child’s Health Advocate
  • Tips and Tricks to Navigate the Emergency Department With Your Child
  • What Is Inter-facility Transport?  Don’t Be Shocked
  • Navigating Insurance Potholes
  • Not All Pediatric Care Is Created Equally


Pediatric Basics
  • Kids Are Not Just Little Adults
  • Basic Health Skills For Parents
  • Development and Behavior 101
  • Don’t Panic – Savvy Parents Approach to Assessing Their Child
  • Calling 911
  • Children With Special Healthcare Needs
  • Alphabet Soup Of Medical Terms and Forms
  • Feeding In The First Year Of Life
  • Mom Tips and Tricks
  • New Baby? Now What? How To Be Prepared
  • First Aid Basics For Parents
  • Ouchies – How To Minimize Pain In Your Child?
  • How To Minimize Radiation Exposure For Your Child?
  • Over The Counter Medicines, Supplements and Vitamins


Safety and Prevention
  • Vaccine Basics – Do You Have The Facts?
  • The Importance of CPR
  • Easy, Safe and Hassle Free Travel With Your Children
  • Injury Prevention Basics – Easy Steps To Prevent Tragedy


Understanding Emergencies And Common Illness/Injuries
  • Overview of Pediatric Emergencies – What Is Common?
  • My Child Hit Their Head –Mild Head Injury and Concussions
  • Common Rashes – When to Worry?
  • Can I Stay With My Child?
  • Covid-19 And Your Child
  • Infant Fever Less Than 3 Months Old
  • Infant/Toddler Fever More Than 3 Months Old
  • Holiday Emergencies
  • Summer Emergencies
  • Winter Emergencies
  • Virus, Virus, Virus


Coming Soon

Infants 0 to 1 years old


Grade Schoolers