Baby Changing Table Makeover


by Dr. Christopher Haines



Baby changing tables can be pricey, and parents end up not using them all the time, or at least as much as they anticipated. The couch and the floor (and other creative surfaces) end up being the prospects when in need of a quick change.

If you are a new parent, it can be tempting to buy everything new for your baby, but surveys show that many parents end up regretting “buying new” on a lot of their baby prep needs. One of them being a changing table. I love the new changing tables out there, but why not makeover an old changing table the way YOU want instead of buying a brand new one?

Chances are if you are super pregnant, you may not have the energy to makeover a changing table. Totally understandable. Perhaps you can ask for help from others and make it a fun project or just reach out to someone else to do it on their own completely and consider it a baby gift. Either way, the sooner you start, the more fun it is to DIY. As they say, there is no time like the present.

So many people are trying to sell or give away their old baby items on social media with little to no luck. Most of the time it’s because parents are looking for something so specific that they end up not finding it on Facebook Marketplace, so they end up buying it new from a store.

At some point, you will be in their shoes hoping…and waiting…for another parent to scoop up your used baby items too. Buying used items is a great way to reduce waste and save money, so let’s make that used baby changing table look new again!

Step 1: Where do you get a used changing table do you ask? I found mine on, you guessed it, Facebook Marketplace.

The owner was practically trying to give it away for free. It was clear that it had been sitting for a while and just needed some love. I was pregnant at the time and was planning ahead. It came apart in pieces, so it was easy to take home in my little car.

Tip: Before getting a used changing table, make sure it can fit the most up-to-date changing pad that sits on top. Check for these changing pad measurements on Amazon.

Extra Tip: You can also repurpose a small chest of drawers or dresser. I don’t think these are as safe, but I know many people who choose this option.

Step 2: Before you go decorating and adding storage to it, decide what you want to put inside of it. The table needs to suit your needs. Making it gorgeous comes later.

I knew I needed to fit things like diapering items, pacifiers, brushes, wipes, diaper balm, a nose sucker, and some other items. That’s not a ton to fit in the table, so I knew I would have plenty of space to tinker with and add more later on.

Step 3: PAINT! Painting goes a long way. It’s amazing how new something can look wit just a fresh coat of paint. White? Yes, please.

Tip: It’s way easier to paint the changing table if you can take it apart first.

Step 4: I knew the wide open top drawer wouldn’t suit me if it didn’t have dividers. You could certainly use little bins everywhere inside as an alternative, however I created 3 faux sections by using foam board. Foam board is amazing in many ways, but made this drawer sectioning easy peasy.

Tip: I sized the sections based on the size of the diapers, and it just so happened that it would be easy to divide into exact thirds.

As you can see, I have little dishes to hold the items that love to roll around or get lost in a drawer easily. I already had these bins lying around and repurposed them. Try to repurpose containers, bins, and small dishes in your home before going out and spending money on something new.

I was lucky enough to have a space large enough to have diapers sizes from newborn all the way up to size 6!

My wipes container isn’t your traditional ‘wipes container’, that’s because I make my own at home and always have since my daughter was born. These are better on her skin, last way longer, and are a cheaper alternative to store-bought wipes. (Want the recipe? You can sign up for our classes at and obtain a copy and much more!)

Step 5: Those shelves need some bins…Typically you should purchase organizing items or storage items like this in 3’s or 5’s to make it look complete or intentional instead of one bin here and one bin there.

IKEA is amazing for bins. I measured the shelves and knew I wanted two big bins on the top shelf and three smaller bins on the bottom. I love mixing wood finishes with plain whites. I also had space in between the top two bins, which was intentional, so I filled in the space with a basket I had lying around. I painted that white too.

Be sure to keep the tags and the receipt for the bins in case you change your mind or they just didn’t work out how you planned.

Tip: Dress up the look with painting the bins for a colorful POP or just to match your baby’s room.

Step 6: Yes, now you may start to add your baby’s items and add the finishing touches to make it your own!

Tip: You can add hardware to the drawers or sides for a decorative touch.

Did you notice my cloth diapers are pre-folded to get max absorbance? I used cloth diapers at home and disposable diapers when we went out, so I technically didn’t need the disposable diapers in the drawer. They were a great backup in case all the diapers were in the laundry though.

There you have it! You now have a beautiful changing table that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it’s tailored to exactly what you need!

What are your favorite ways to save money when kitting out a nursery? Now that you have a plan, it’s time to get started on your own used changing table makeover!

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Authored by Azure Sullivan

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